How to Find Your Place

in the Hawaiian Islands

Find your place in 4 steps Aloha! We made this site to help you on your journey to moving to Hawaii! Follow these easy steps to find invaluable and entertaining information, then contact us. We will help you take it from there as a complimentary service to you!

Step 1: Explore the Map
Step 2: Read the Blog and Books
Step 3: Watch the Videos
Step 4: Let Us Make A Match

Step 1: Explore Map

Explore an island, town or neighborhood on the map. Each island has a wholly unique character from the others. Weather pattern differences, job opportunities, traffic, housing availability and price, education, culture, and vibe-all unique to each island.


Click on the areas of the islands that are highlighted!

Step 2: Read the Blog and Get the Books

Read our blog posts and guide/books to help familiarize yourself with the many aspects of the islands and areas, including valuable real estate related advice and the low down on the real estate market and the lifestyle.


Who wouldn't want to write about Hawaii with THIS view!?

Step 3: Watch Videos

Get your popcorn! We have created "How To" videos for moving to Hawaii AND lifestyle/adventure videos for most of the islands, so check them out at 365Hawaii on YouTube. And please subscribe! We also have quite a few real estate related videos on our "365Hawaii Real Estate Minute" which will give you more in depth information about real estate topics and the real estate market.


We love to bring you the info AND the adventure in Hawaii!

Step 4: Let Us Make The Match For You To A Trusted Advisor

We connect our fantastic network of experienced and knowledgable REALTORS and mortgage pros as a complimentary service to people looking to buy Hawaii real estate. We have an exceptional group of real estate professionals that make the process of purchasing real estate MUCH easier due to their expertise and connections. We give you access to the best on each island. And we are responsive, too! Call/email/text-we respond to all!

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